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Paintings of Scotland - Stirling Bridge

Scottish artist painting showing stirling bridge

Oil painting of Stirling Bridge

The Battle of Stirling Bridge was in 1297. It was a decisive defeat
for the English at that time.
The English army consisting of around 2,000 mail clad cavalry and about
35,000 seasoned infantry including skilled Welsh longbow-men.
They were a well equipped and professional fighting force.
They had amassed on the south banks of the river Forth.
On the north bank, partially hidden, was William Wallace with his army
of 300 cavalry and around 10,000 infantry.

When the English army started to cross the bridge Wallace spotted his chance.
The bridge was only wide enough to allow two armoured cavalry horses to cross
side by side. He allowed 30% of the forces across and attacked.
In the ensuing battle the forces who had already crossed were quickly dispatched
and due to the bridge and the River Forth could neither be quickly reinforced
nor could they escape.
It was estimated that in total 40% of the English force was killed
as they were routed out of the country.

The painting shows the later Stirling Bridge which was built in 1500
close to the spot. In the background can be seen William Wallace's memorial.
Built in victorian times on the site where he watched the English army form up.


the painting is 16 x 20 inches - about 40x50cm
an original oil painting on stretched canvas
signed by the artist
ready to slot into a frame of your choice

Price: £235.00 including postage / shipping
(approx. U.S. $375)

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