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Clan Rollo information
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Lord Rollo Crest
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Clan Location
  • Clan Name: Rollo
  • Clan Motto: La fortune passe partout
  • Clan Chief: David Eric Howard Rollo
  • Clan Seat: originally Duncrub Castle
  • Castle Location: Perthshire, Scotland
  • Clan Lands: Perthshire and Fife.
  • Plant Badge:
  • Castle Paintings :
  • Clan Name: Rollo - various spellings mention of Rillict, Rolloch, Rollock
  • Clan Motto: La fortune passe partout - Fortune is the key
  • Clan Chief: David Eric Howard Rollo, the thirteenth Lord Rollo and fourth Baron Dunning
  • Clan Seat: Duncrub Castle Scotland
  • Clan Lands: Perthshire and Kelty down to Boghall in Fife.
  • Clan Tartan :
  • Clan links : shame the clan leaders do not do more, the current chieftain is a member of the House of Lords with his title (inherited) so it can't be lack of funds.
  • Clan links :
  • Clan links :

Clan History

The clan apparently came about with Vikings invading France and through the 1066
Norman invasion into England, then by accompanying King David 1st north they arrived in
Scotland. The name Rolloch appears in land registry entries in 1141 and later derivations
like Rollok started appearing around Perthshire.
The title, Duncan Rollo of Duncrub, appeared in the 14th century and there are entries in 1784 referring to a John Rollo who succeeded his father on his demise as the 8th Baron of Duncrub and his address was given as Duncrub Castle.

There is a current Lord Rollo who owns lands around Dunning, between Perth and Auchterarder. He lives in a mansion apparently called Duncrub Castle. Whether this is the same castle re-built or in the grounds of the ruin is at present unknown.

The family distinguished itself many times in military service through the years.


I will find more. The name appears in my mothers history connected to West Wemyss. 

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