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S'rioghal Mo Dhream

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Meggernie Castle
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Kilchurn Castle 1836
Kilchurn Castle
Lanrick Castle
Edenchip 1920's
  • Clan Name: MacGregor
  • Clan Motto: S'rioghal Mo Dhream
  • Clan Chief: Sir Malcolm Gregor Charles MacGregor
  • Clan Seat: Bannatyne, Newtyle, Angus
  • Castle Location: Glenlyon Perthshire
  • Clan Lands: Loch Lomond to Loch Tay.
  • Plant Badge: Pine
  • Castle Paintings :
  • Clan Name: MacGregor -
  • Clan Motto: S'rioghal Mo Dhream - My Race is Royal
  • Clan Chief: Sir Malcolm Gregor Charles MacGregor of MacGregor, 7th Baron of Lanrick and Balquhidder, 24th Chief of Clan Gregor
  • Clan Seat: Bannatyne, Newtyle, Angus
  • Clan Lands: Glengyle, Glenlochy, Glenlyon, Glenorchy and Glenstrae.
  • Clan Tartan :
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Clan History

Clan MacGregor are a highland Scottish clan and have played their part in the history
of the country. Being a rather powerful Clan at certain times in Scottish history,
they can be dated back to as far as the early 800’s – over 1200 years of history.

The clan have been horrifically persecuted over the years, initially they spread from
Loch Awe to Glen Lyon and down onto Loch Lomond but the Loch Awe end was pinched in between the Campbells and the Stewarts who were two powerful enemies.
Although the MacGregors accounted of themselves bravely at Bannockburn,for some reason in the mid 13th century Robert the Bruce gave their lands around loch Awe to Clan Campbell who forced the of MacGregors out of their homes causing them to withdraw into Glen Lyon.

Some say the MacGregors were rustlers and thieves whether there was any truth
in this or whether circumstances forced this upon them or whether it was all a
smear campaign to politically undermine their reputation is not for me to judge
but they certainly paid the price.

The main castle linked with Clan MacGregor is Meggernie Castle. This castle is located just north of Loch Tay in central Scotland, it was built and belonged to the clan in the early days when the land on both sides of Glen Lyon was theirs. About 1380 King Robert 2nd ( a Stewart King ) gave this to his illegitimate son. Which resulted in the Clan MacGregor once more being pinched between Campbells and Stewarts. The end result being the dispersion of the Clan from their homelands.

Kilchurn Castle on Loch Awe, a Campbell castle had MacGregors as keepers for around thirty years, in the late 1500's, until a feud resulted in the Campbells re-taking possession.

In 1603 King James 6th ( son of Mary Queen of Scots ) abolished the name MacGregor so all who bore it must renounce it or die. In 1603/04 the Clan Chief and 30 of his men were captured and hung outside St. Giles Kirk by the tollbooth.
Anyone answering to the name was executed on the spot with women and children sold into slavery in the American states.

Clan Campbell, with no love lost were more than happy to help enforce this and practically eradicated Clan MacGregor in the process as the remaining members fell on hardship during their outlaw period.

There are varying reasons given for the Proscription and to try to get behind it or even comment on is outside my remit. The Battle of Glen Fruin had a lot to do with it.

In 1671 Robert MacGregor was born although he had to assume his mother's name at that time. Sir Walter Scott was to immortalise him later as Rob Roy MacGregor.

In 1745 Doune Castle and the fortresses of Balloch and Inversnaid were taken and held in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie by Gregor MacGregor of Glengyle, a nephew of Rob Roy. They were held while Charles and the Jacobites invaded England and on their return north it was also used to house the prisoners after the Battle of Falkirk.
The Clan supported the Jacobite cause at Culloden.

Eventually the persecution against the clan was repealed in 1774.

clan macgregor banner

Lanrick Castle was purchased by John Murray MacGregor, 18th Chief of Clan Gregor in 1776 and was to become the new clan seat until his son, Major-General Sir Evan MacGregor, 19th Chief of the Clan sold it in 1830. ( destroyed in 2002 all that remain are the entrances). He had acquired Edinchip estate by Lochearnhead in 1778 and started to build Edinchip house in 1830 which was to become the seat of succeeding Chiefs for the next 150 years until it was sold by Sir Gregor MacGregor, the 23rd Chief of Clan Gregor, who moved to Bannatyne, Newtyle, Angus.


MacGregor story

Scottish contemporary Art

Scottish contemporary Art




painting of Loch Katrine in 1810
Loch Katrine 1810


painting of bridge of Dochart, clan shield and tartan
Bridge of Dochart


old shield of the Gregor clan


painting of loch tay,clan shield
Loch Tay


scottish painting from 1885 of a clan member


painting of Ewan MacGregor

Sir Evan John Macgregor
2nd Baronet of Lanrick. Founder of the Clan Gregor Society in 1822 he obtained a Royal License to resume the name of MacGregor.



clansman from Clan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor
painted in 1868
Shown wearing a kilt and hose of Rob Roy tartan, with the MacGregor crest and badge. He has a badger sporran and an unusual design of bonnet with a single row of red dice on the brim.


macgregor arms