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  • Clan Name: Kennedy
  • Clan Motto: Avise La Fin
  • Clan Chief: Charles Kennedy
  • Clan Seat: Cassillis House
  • Castle Location: Ayrshire Scotland
  • Clan Lands: Carrick, Ayrshire, Skye and Lochaber.
  • Plant Badge: Oak
  • Clan Name: Kennedy - incorporating - Canaday, Carrick, Cassillis, Cassell or Cassels, Ulrich, MacUlric and MacWalrich.
  • Clan Motto: Avise La Fin - Consider the End
  • Clan Chief: Archibald Angus Charles Kennedy, 19th Earl of Cassilis, 21st Lord Kennedy, 8th Marquess of Ailsa and 8th Baron Ailsa
  • Clan Seat: Cassilis House Ayrshire Scotland
  • Clan Lands: Carrick, Ayrshire, Skye and Lochaber.
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Clan History

The Kennedy name started to make an appearance in Ayrshire around the year 1200.
A John Kennedy of Dunure aquired the lands of Cassilis around 1370. The next hundred years would see a sharp rise in Kennedy visibility when James Kennedy married the daughter of King Robert 3rd, Princess Mary about 1395. This was to give the Kennedys
a foot in the door at the Royal court which was to last for three hundred years and boost their economic fortunes considerably.

Culzean Castle is located on the south west of Scotland just south of Ayr. The Castle was originally a fortified L-shaped tower house built by the Kennedy family in the late 1500's. In 1777 David Kennedy,the 10th Earl of Cassillis got Robert Adam to change the castle from it's battle weary image to a more grand and fashionable dwelling. 15 years later in 1792 it was finished to much as it still looks today. The castle stands on a cliff top with a superb commanding view over the sea to the Island of Arran.

Greenan Castle is located 2 miles south of Ayr it is a 16th century tower house situated at the south side of Ayr beach.

Cassillis House The home of the clan chief is now up for sale at £2.5 million it seems such a shame, though I've never been there, but reading of all the Kennedy history attached to it.

Baltersan Castle is a tower house purchased in 1640 for son Thomas who died in 1721 and willed it to his cousin an Arbuthnot. It coincidentally is also on the market just now for £195,000. Any Kennedy's with lots of cash can buy a lot of history just now it seems, the sad thing is so too can anybody else.

Dunure Castle is a ruin that attracts many visitors. Located about three miles south of Culzean it was originally the clan seat and hub of the community.

Maybole Castle is still in use today as a community council training centre and is also open to the public for viewing.

Kilhenzie Castle 1 mile south of Maybole owned by the Kennedys in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Dalquharran Castle is another Robert Adam designed castle work started in 1781. Last occupied in the late 1960's it was left in a ruinous state. Work has apparently commenced on restoration with a view to converting it into a hotel.

Bargany Castles has not much remaining and is believed to be one of three ruins in Bargany Estate.

Bargany Mansion is a un-fortified mansion and scenic estate. They are owned by the Dalrymple Hamilton's, thought to be descendants of the Kennedy's. It is thought that they may be for sale soon


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Scottish contemporary Art







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Dunure Castle






painting of archibald kennedy, 11th earl of Cassilis
Archibald Kennedy 11th Earl of Cassilis was one of the many Kennedy's to thrive in America







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